Kenshó Stay

Since it’s rather easy to get caught up with the fast life and frantic lifestyle of always being busy, it’s comforting to know there is a shelter from this everyday hassle. Just in the driving distance yet far away from the city, there’s a place where the sun rises in the morning and the wind blows a melody of comfort.

Kenshó Stay represents places of peace and silence that are there to replenish your mind and soul. In the middle of the Estonian nature and emptiness, you can finally let go and focus on what’s important. Let your mind wander free, allow yourself to take on the hard tasks, or just stay in bed naked – do whatever feels right for you.

The locations of Kenshó Stay houses are set to showcase the authenticity of some of the most magical places. Inspired by the Japanese Zen traditions and liberation, every detail of the house was carefully planned and constructed with functionality and sustainable design in mind to make your stay unforgettable. Featuring all the necessary amenities that will make your stay comfortable, there is no TV, no traffic nor close-by neighbors. Discover nature, but mainly, discover your true self.

見 Ken = “seeing”

性 Shō = “nature, essence”

見性 Kenshō = See True Nature

Kenshó Stay = Experience your True Nature

Experience nature.

Experience real vacation.

Experience true self.

Experience Kenshó Stay

If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.

It’s time to experience your True Self. Take your time at Kenshó Stay.


Special locations for special moments

Immerse yourself in the wilderness, still within reach of civilization the unique design of Kenshó Stay blends into the landscape so you can retreat to comfort and luxury as you watch the world pass by.

Kenshó Stay

Don't let marketing fool you, hear from the real people, our guests

"Just loved the place!!"


"The house was very clean, the interior design was stylish and comfortable. The area is super relaxing and quiet- perfect for a private vacation in nature. "


"A perfect spot for golf lovers and more! The tiny house is situated literally in the golf field - you wake up and good to go!"


"Amazing place for a weekend getaway! Super private"


"Absolutely must visit place for anyone who wants to take some time off and enjoy the nature. The location, the tiny house and everything around it is perfect to destress and unplug from busy lifestyle. Would go again for sure!"


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