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Since it’s rather easy to get caught up with the fast life and frantic lifestyle of always being busy, it’s always good to remind your loved ones that there is a shelter from this everyday hassle. Just in the driving distance yet far away from the city, there’s a place where the sun rises in the morning and the wind blows a melody of comfort.

Kenshó Unique Stay represents places of peace and silence that are there to replenish the mind and soul. In the middle of the Estonian nature and emptiness, you can gift away a chance to let go and a reason to focus on what’s important. Gift your loved one something memorable – a sense of freedom and being one with the nature.

Kenshó Stay Gift Cards

Stay at South incl. sauna

One night stay in our South House including use of sauna

135,00 €

€ 50 Gift Card

Gift of Peace and Nature

50,00 € 45,00 €

€ 89 Gift Card

Gift of Peace and Nature

89,00 € 80,00 €

€ 165 Gift Card

Gift of Peace and Nature

165,00 € 148,00 €

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Note: The voucher is valid for 1 year and can be redeemed at all Kenshó Stays. A cash payment is not possible. For redeeming the voucher please select your dates and house from our booking calendar and email us at We will book the house for you and send you an invoice for the remaining balance, should there be one.

* The terms and conditions apply.

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Terms and conditions

The gift card is valid for 1 year and applies to all orders available on our homepage:

For redeeming the gift card or asking additional information, please contact us via email:

"Just loved the place!!"


"The house was very clean, the interior design was stylish and comfortable. The area is super relaxing and quiet- perfect for a private vacation in nature. "


"A perfect spot for golf lovers and more! The tiny house is situated literally in the golf field - you wake up and good to go!"


"Amazing place for a weekend getaway! Super private"


"Absolutely must visit place for anyone who wants to take some time off and enjoy the nature. The location, the tiny house and everything around it is perfect to destress and unplug from busy lifestyle. Would go again for sure!"